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Hello, welcome to eDison Cards. My name is Fritz Edison and this is my website.

This web basically is my private showcase of my basketball & baseball cards collection. I call myself a part time collector, i like collect everything that can be collected. Some says i got this character from my grandfather, he's collecting stamp back then. Although i never know my grandpa but i can know his passion by the word he said to my father about his stamp collection "whatever happen never sell this collection because someday this stamps can worth something."  But It is clear that i don't like stamps and i don't have passion in philatelist. For me i like sports and basketball is my first sport that i truly love. So what is better than basketball lover collect basketball cards.

I start collected basketball card in 1993 when i was in elementary school. It was time when Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird dominated the game. At that time i don't know anything about the players or teams or anything, i just love the game. FYI my favorite game at time was "Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoff" for SEGA Genesis that my father give to me as souvenir when he came home after worked in Japan.

Junior high it's first time i learn about the NBA. I remember Bulls-Jazz and MJ-Karl Malone rivalry was all over the news. Unfortunately i had stopped collect basketball card that time because of my family economic condition and our country Indonesia was in monetary crysis. Time after time i continue my life and forget anything about basketball and finally in 2007 i found this auction base website called eBay that sells a lot of basketball card. From then i started my basketball card collection again.

At first i was collecting everything but mostly jersey card from well-known player. As my collection growing i found that i like autographed card better and then i start to collect autographs card only. Then after know basketball card more deeply i know that i can treat my collection as hobby and investment together. From this point i choose to collect only certain player, i decided to collect only Rookie Card (except for some players that i think is very potential to be superstar) as i learn RC is the most sought item in this hobby.

Now, as you can see i don't have big collection, my collection consist few players only. Some player that i collect is not superstar at the moment but i hope someday they can be franchise face of the NBA. If that happen value of my collection will increase and i'll goddamn happy. But before it happen or in case it won't happen i'm happy to treat them as my hobby only.

My reason create this website is to organize and display my collection so i can keep my real cards in safe place. We all know basketball card is very condition sensitive, my purpose is to have my cards for years and i want all of them still in good condition in the future. So from now on if i want to see my collection i don't need to contaminate my real cards, what i have to do is only write www.edisoncards.com in my browser and voila i can see my precious cards.

That's all and thank you for coming to my web.


Have Fun,

- Fritz